Overcoming a gambling problem: addiction & recovery

This guide is meant for those that feel they have a gambling problem or know someone that has one. Overcoming any addiction isn’t easy and there are numerous resources available for those that seek it. It’s not easy for someone to admit they have a gambling problem and it’s not until things get worse before someone looks to get help. It requires a lot of courage for anybody to admit they have a problem they are struggling to manage.


GamCare is an organization based in the United Kingdom which offers a hotline to help those in need. They have a good reputation and are unbiased in helping and has no religious affiliations.


Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is probably the most well known organization for helping problem gambling and recovering from a gambling addiciton. Their 12 steps to overcoming a gambling addiction require the individual to submit to a higher being and they have 20 questions to help identify problem gambling.